Smart Data Analysis (Housing Data)

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B. Sanjai Prasada Rao, Gayathri Rachabathuni, Rajdeep D. C., K. Poorn Anand


In the modern era, the immense value which data holds goes into a waste as much of this information is not prominently visible to the common user, which the internet hosts. One of such areas is Renting/Buying houses in India. Today many people are still relying on brokers who are dishonest for buying/renting their homes. Even though many websites host good amount of information for the same purpose, many go unnoticed. This project aims to simplify the process of collecting and understanding the hosing data to use it effectively. The first module of the project deals with web scraping which allows the users to collect any number of data which internet hosts on different websites in any format and converting the same into a structured data set. The data extraction happens by extracting the HTML code which is embedded to the website and using a scraping tool to break the content on the website into useful data we require. This structured data set is available in the form of an excel sheet (.xlsx format or .csv format). Following it, the second module aims at querying the user and applying reverse indexing to the structured data to find relevant results based on the query raised by the user, to find the results.

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