Aims and Scope

Ciência & Engenharia - Science & Engineering journal is an international MULTIDISCIPLINARY peer-reviewed, electronic, online journal published monthly. The aim and scope of the journal is to provide an academic medium and an important reference for the advancement and dissemination of research results that support high-level learning, teaching and research in the fields of Engineering (All Disciplines), Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Medical Science, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Geology, Statistics, Accounting, Networking, Information System, Social Science, Mathematics, Management and Economics. Original theoretical work and application-based studies, which contributes to a better understanding are encouraged.

Coverage Areas: 
Although the list is not prescriptive, The Ciência and Engenharia - Science and Engineering journal intends to focus on advances in the following sub-domains:

  1. Engineering (All Disciplines)
  2. Computer Science
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics
  5. Biology
  6. Medical Science
  7. Pharmaceutical
  8. Agriculture
  9. Geology
  10. Statistics
  11. Accounting
  12. Networking
  13. Information System
  14. Social Science
  15. Mathematics
  16. Management and Economics