The Best KM-EL Integration Model for an Enterprise

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Inderjit Singh, Amit Walia, Shaveta Sangar


While writing command lines during building a program for Knowledge Management (KM) and e-Learning, it naturally directs toward their integration. This kind of integration can be used by a number of ways. In this paper,  we have analyzed all integration models and found the most suitable method of integration for an enterprise. Knowledge Management is particularly a more fluid ecosystem than the fundamental architecture of E-Learning, which is developed by multiple sources in contrary to a single user or a small team. Our goal is to be fulfilled various kinds of generalized and exceptional needs of an enterprise for building or finding a distinct learning ecosystem. To enhance the knowledge asset of a business firm we must require efficient E-Learning. We need to find how we use Socialization, Externalization, Combination, and Internalization to create the best integration. Usually, as an enterprise, we lag in using Knowledge management as a powerful instrument for knowledge assets. Thus, it facilitates E-Learning.

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