A Study on Assessment of Perception of Nursing Students towards Utilization of Community Health Nursing Bag in selected Nursing colleges, Nellore

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B. Vanaja Kumari, R. Reddy Priya, Kalpana Boddu, Pusarla Prasanthi, Satyanarayana Bai KN


The present study has defined the Community Health Nursing Bag as a vehicle for maintaining the materials and tools required during home visits to observe family members, school and health care. The study examined 100 nursing students from Narayan College of Nursing and Sree Narayana Nursing College, Nellore. The study has found many demographic variables with regard to these 100 nursing students, and it has been done with the conduction of SPSS. Among 100 nursing students, there are approximately 23% of students belong to Hindus, 65% of students belong to Christianity, and 11% of students belong to Muslim and 1% from other religions. The tool significantly provides demographic variables that properly operate with the variables of socio-demographic and structured questionnaires, and it used Non-Probability Sampling Technique. It has been aimed that the application of proper tools helps nursing students to determine the proper implementation for health outcomes with the use of these types of nursing bags.

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