A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of the Prone Position in Increasing Oxygen Saturation among Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Patients at NMCH, Nellore

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A. Latha, A. S. Pushpalatha, Nasina Subhashini, B.Vijaya Tulasi, V. Rupa Saritha Reddy


This study has aim to understand the effectiveness of prone positioning among ARDS patients in increasing oxygen saturation. 60 patients from Narayana Medical College and Hospital, Nellore have been selected for this study and a quantitative approach has been applied. A non-equivalent control group consisting of experimental and control group have been adopted as the research design where pre-test and post-test have been conducted. In the pre-test it has shown that oxygen saturation 63.3%(19) and 36.7%(11) as moderate and poor saturation levels respectively. In the post-test, it has found that 76.7% (23), and 32.3%(7) has shown normal and moderate oxygen levels in the experimental group. In the control group pre-test 60%(18), and 40%(12) with moderate and poor saturation levels of oxygen. In the post-test 53.4%(16) and 33.3%(10) found moderate poor levels of oxygen saturation, and 13.3%(4) has shown normal oxygen saturation levels. This study will be beneficial for patients with breathing problems.


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