Active Harmonic Filtering Using Multilevel H-Bridge Inverter Based Statcom

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K. Keerthi Reddy, I. Akhila, B. Thanusha Reddy, T. Indu Priya


To reduce the amount of harmonic components in a transmission network, this paper proposed a three-phase multilevel cascaded H-bridge inverter (MCHI) based active harmonic filtering (AHF) compensator, also known as a static synchronous compensator (STATCOM). A STATCOM is made up of three main components: modulation method, topology of the inverter, and control plan. The synchronous reference frame (SRF) based controller for the pulse width modulation (PWM) module is designed and implemented in this work to produce the desired modulating signals—one for each phase. The three-phase, five-level CHI is driven by the carrier based pulse width modulation (CBPWM) with in phase disposition (IPD) method for simplicity's sake. On the other hand, the proposed AHF's viability is checked out using two three-phase non-linear loading conditions that are based on different transformer winding configurations and power rectifier circuits. Using the MATLAB SIMULINK software package, simulation studies are used to investigate and validate the proposed method's effectiveness as well as theoretical predictions.

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