Intelligent Vehicle Damage Assessment and Cost Estimator for Insurance Companies

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M. S. Rakha, M. Srujana, M. Sowmya, M. Venkata Prasanna


Nowadays, there are a lot of accidents. For example, if someone was in an accident and wants to file a claim with their car insurer, they would likely have to have someone look at the damage to their vehicle at home or at a repair shop, and then they would have to wait for an official estimate and approval before they could start the necessary repairs. While this traditional procedure can take a long time and keep your vehicle off the road for longer than you would like, AI can now speed up the process by taking over the appraiser's duties. During insurance processing, vehicle damage detection is utilized to reduce claim leakage. Most of the time, visual inception and validation are done. because a person needs to come and look at the damage, which takes a long time. In this case, we are attempting to automate the process. We can avoid time conception for the insurance claim procedure with this automation. In this, we are utilizing the VGG16 model to anticipate vehicle damage. The accuracy of VGG16 is 94.56%..

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