Computer Vision Controlled Automated Paint Sprayer Using Image Processing and Embedded System

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P. Ramya, Surya C. M., Gokul Raj R., Kerish Jacob Raj S., Sreenivasagam M., Kaviya V., Dhanyaa Shree M.


The paper presents a smart approach for a real time painting of walls in continuous flow. Image processing in today’s world grabs massive attention as it leads to possibilities of broaden application in many fields of high technology. The camera senses the color of the wall. This information is processed for robot to paint different places. The painting process is based on a 2-phase operative methodology defined as, 1) A self-learning step where the apparatus learns to identify the color of the wall 2) An operative selection process where the painting location is detected and painted using a decisional algorithm. It aims in classifying the walls and its objects based on its color. The robot is programmed to carry the paint gun to the location and paint it. This eliminates the monotonous work done by existing system. It achieves high accuracy and speed. The project involves camera that senses the object and sends the signal to the microcontroller. The microcontroller sends signal to the circuit which drives various motors of the robot. Based on the detection the climber moves to the specified location and starts painting. By using Design Thinking approach Empathy was done to identify the difficulties in painting. Following the steps of Design Thinking the proposed method gives the automated paint sprayer using image processing.

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