Smart Energy Management System for Electric Vehicles Using IoT Technology

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M. Sangeetha, A. Antony David, A. Karunakaran, Agneeswaran V., Nawin N. R., Vasantha Kumar S.


As electric vehicles become more popular, it's crucial to monitor the health and performance of their batteries to ensure optimal efficiency and longevity. In this paper, we propose an IoT-based battery monitoring system that leverages wireless communication and cloud computing to collect and analyze battery data in real-time. Our system consists of three main components: battery sensors, a gateway device, and a cloud platform. The battery sensors are placed in each battery cell to measure key parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, and state of charge. These sensors transmit data wirelessly to the gateway device, which aggregates and processes the data before sending it to the cloud plat form. Our system offers several benefits, including improved battery performance, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced safety. By leveraging IoT and cloud technologies, we can provide real-time monitoring and analysis of battery data, enabling more informed decision-making and proactive maintenance. At the present time, the resources that we use for electricity are costly and inefficient. That is why we must rely on those that are of in the least harmful to the environment and inexpensive. photovoltaic cells are used in applications that allow the use of taking solar energy and expanding it into electricity most of the solar systems are situated in sparsely populated regions, large-scale agricultural communities, as well as in medium-sized farm sites and smaller, agricultural local agricultural production facilities that have power grids. For a machine to function, it must be operated by a human. This is a hardware- timed sensor system that tracks various variables, like temperature, voltage, and fire and battery percentage and reports them on the cloud so you can see exactly when everything has reached the right value.

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