Gesture Based Tool for Sterile Browsing of Radiology Images

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D. Minnamma, G. Divya, J. Rajeswari, K. Nymish


The goal of this project is to improve communication. The use of devices for doctor-computer interaction in the operating room (OR) necessitates new modalities that support the manipulation of medical imaging while maintaining the sterility of doctors' hands, supporting their focus, and offering quick response times. A vision-based hand gesture capture and recognition system for navigating and manipulating images in an electronic medical record (EMR) database interprets the user's gestures in real time. Video capture is used to translate navigation and other gestures into commands based on their temporal trajectories. This interface achieved rapid intuitive response and simple interaction in the in vivo experiment while preventing the surgeon's focus shifting and changing location. Based on nonverbal conversational modalities, the results of two usability tests provide insights and implications regarding human-computer interaction. Hospitals are increasingly being impacted by computer information technology. Provide doctors with means of interaction that are effective, intuitive, accurate, and safe without compromising the quality of their work is a major challenge in this process. The primary means by which humans and computers interact in today's world are keyboards and pointing devices like mice. However, doctors and nurses frequently transmit infections by using computer keyboards and mice in intensive care units (ICUs). 1 As an alternative to existing interface techniques, we propose the use of hand gestures in this paper, offering the primary benefit of sterilization

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