Relevance of Shakespeare for the Contemporary Genre

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Kiranmai P., P. V. Ravi Kumar


We all believe in things that have happened in our lives. Individually we tend to retain at least a few events that occurred in the past. Though forgetfulness acts like a boon at times, some aspects can never be forgotten. Especially Plays were not written for the purpose of reading but just for the sake of stage performance and inner satisfaction of the author. Reading, understanding and remembering the major characters and situations in the plays of Shakespeare caused flutter and goosebumps among students, when they had to face a test on Shakespeare or submit an assignment to the English teacher. The plays of Shakespeare were deep, straight forward, comic and serious tragedies along with some historical insights provided through historical plays. Shakespeare is the most revered of all English dramatists. The plays still have some validity and relevance in the modern context. The 36 or 37 plays that were penned down perhaps are the most entertaining dramas for all time.

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