Impacts on Project Timeline & Cost by the use of Cold Formed Steel

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R. M. Puranik, R. S. Tatwawadi


The cold formed steel (CFS) is considered as a most light weight construction material used in steel construction industry. The Indian market could be a significant potential towards use of steel in residential sector in future decades. In this research, factors affecting cold formed steel construction and challenges tackled from those are studied in detail. The factors affecting contributes towards reduction of time and cost and has a positive impact on residential sector of developed countries. This study aims towards spreading awareness about efficient steel technique that can be used for mid-rise building construction in tier 1 and tier 2 cities of India. The CFS materials are used mostly in low-rise affordable housing systems in various regions. To prove the need of CFS technique adoption in residential sector of India, this research through survey of construction industry personal has been conducted. The expectation of economical construction within less time of construction is fulfilled by using CFS technique. The result of this study shows positive impacts on future construction industry. The ultimate aim is to address the need of change in techniques of construction to achieve time and cost-efficient solutions in future decades.

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