Study of Strength Parameters for Self-Compacting Concrete Using Bagasse Ash and Glass Fiber

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Pawan N. Wahane, R. S. Tatwawadi


The present work study is carried out for the behavior of self compacted concrete investigation on glass fibre reinforced concrete was carried out by researchers. Glass fibre mesh is more effective in resisting bending and punching shear. Usually, usage of fibres enhances the properties of concrete structures. Fibre reinforced concrete is used for the construction of airport pavements to improve the properties of strength and toughness. So far, a very limited quantity of research work has been done on the application of glass fibres in structural concrete. Hence, the present research would lead to a stronger and durable Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete, which can be recommended for applications like construction of special building and shelters, slab panels, wall planes, special repair job work, rigid pavements etc. It is observed that studies showed Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete mixes provide improvement of high performance and high strength concretes.

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