Comparison of Turbulence Models in Simulation of Plane Jet Flow

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K. D. Manwar, R. S. Tatwawadi


Plane turbulent jets are widely used in a variety of applications. Such as jets in drying processes, air curtains for room conditioning, heating, mixing, ventilating applications etc., therefore, jet flow is a very important research topic in both experimental and analytical research.

Depending upon the position and forces acts on the jet, jets are broadly classified as turbulent free jet and turbulent wall jet. The studies conducted herein provide the comparison between various turbulence model present Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD). Numerical approaches were used in the present investigation. CFD technique helped to understand better the hydrodynamics of the jet flow and correlate the numerical result.

Among the all turbulence model studied, the k-ε turbulence model performed the best. Performance of k-ω model was found to be somewhat superior to Spalart-Allmaras and Reynolds stress model.

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