Human CXADR Gene – Coxsackie Virus Interaction Analysis to Identify Mutations and SNPs: An Exploratory In–Silico Approach

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Sundharesan I., R. Madhu Pearl, Arun Raj Narayan C., Pradheep Kumar S., Logeshwaran M.


Coxsackie viruses belong to the enterovirus family which are usually isolated from the stomach and intestinal regions of the human body. The research we have undertook here is an exploration of the human CXADR gene using an in–silico approach to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of various online analytical tools. In this attempt to recognize the various mutations that occur in the CXADR gene, we have chosen 11 SNPs that have deleterious clinical significance. The junction expression profile reveals, the expression of CXADR gene in various tissues. In addition, gene expression profiles of various tissues have enabled us to predict the various diseases that might be caused due to the mutations with varying levels of confidence. The CXADR gene plays a very vital role in the interaction of the Coxsackie virus at the molecular level, as evidenced by their part played in causing a disease named Viral Myocarditis.

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