A Review on Unmanned Ground Vehicle for Surveillance and Security

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Avinash M. Pawar, Sheetal S. Patil, Kalyan D Bamane, J.J. Kadam, Amol P. Yadav, Pramod V. Londhe, Sachin G. Ghalme, Mahesh S. Harne


Some of the foremost distinguished issues facing the globe nowadays square measure acts of terrorism and Insurgency. Governments and scientists across the world square measure operating day and night so as to bring these issues into restraint. Billions of greenbacks square measure spent by nations for the analysis of latest defence systems that are capable of safeguarding voters from terrorist threats. Nowadays with major advancements within the field of auto automation, several dangerous and crucial counter terrorist operations square measure being handled by subtle machines that aren't solely economical however are liable for saving many human lives. Our project “Unmanned Ground Vehicle” is constructed to commence tasks like border police investigation and in energetic combat each as an individual unit for metal detection which can be used for metal detection moreover (automatic) moreover as in coordination with human troopers (manual) wirelessly. It is an image illustrating the ever-expanding want for stylish technology and exactness driven vehicles to the current day desires for a primary line of defence. A person from a distant place will manage the motion of the mechanism wirelessly and in things wherever manual management isn't practical, the automobile has the ability to drive itself to the pre-set destination. This mechanism would be put in with associate degree automatic bomb detection (metal detection sensor) and a distant operator would be obtaining a live video feed from the camera to assist.

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