Enhanced Symmetric Convergent Encryption for Secured Data Deduplication in Cloud

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G. Uma


Cloud storage is a virtual setting that includes an amazing amount of processing power. The resources are in a state where they can serve users. Cloud data centres are the locations where all of this computing is maintained. In order to produce high-performance computing, the data centre houses a sizable number of powerful computers and servers connected to one another. The physical computer resources housed in the cloud data centre are accessible to the user via virtualization. To provide a convergent encryption method that will enhance data security while reducing deduplication's impact on security, encryption, and decryption times.  Convergent encryption is used to prevent duplicating data, but the key used to encrypt data for the first time is kept up to date and distributed to all users who have same or closely related content of data to upload to the cloud storage. In an open cloud environment, it's crucial to distribute the key to all users. When using cloud storage services, users encountered numerous issues.  

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