Alternator Based Self Charging Electric Car

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A. Saravanan, J. Dinakaran, A. Aravind, T. Sridhar


This paper presents you about designing an electric car with in-built charging system for charging the batteries by the energy obtained from the front axle during running. This system can acts as multi-source charging system which the battery is charged by the in-built alternator, the solar panel and the plug-in AC voltage. Thus, the battery of an Electric vehicle can be charged on both the rest and running conditions. By this method, the charges can be reclaimed from alternators that were attached to the axle of the car. This paper also involves in design of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Intelligent Control System (HEVICS) for controlling the entire operation of the vehicle including the BLDC pulse control, battery management system (BMS), charge controller and Booster circuit. By using the available software's like Proteus 8, PSIM, and Matlab the vehicle can be simulated and be verified.

By using this technique, the battery can be charged to about 16.67% of the spent energy can be reclaimed and can be utilized further.

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