Brain Tumor Detection Using Block Chain

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Prof. Ganga Yadawad, Yash Zope, Niraj Ohol, Tejas Khairnkar


Brain tumor can be divided into two types: benign and malignant. Brain tumors are the most common and aggressive disease, which in its highest stage leads to a very short life expectancy. Thus, treatment planning is a key phase for improving patients' quality of life. However, it has some limitations (i.e., accurate quantitative measurements are provided for a limited number of frames). A reliable and automatic classification system is therefore necessary to prevent human mortality. Block chain technology is an emerging field of science that plays a major role in every application field of science, including education, banking, and healthcare. . In healthcare, most health problems arise due to their neglect of correct diagnosis by the doctor and ignorance of the symptom by the patients. The most common disease today is called cancer. A brain tumor usually has symptoms such as frequent headaches, unexplained nausea or vomiting. Sometimes he may also have blurred vision, double vision and sometimes loss of peripheral vision. In this project we will diagnose tumor using Blockchain strategy.

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