Advanced End-to-End Image Encryption and Compression

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Swati Salunkhe, Abhishek Gholap, Tejvil Chavan, Anmol Bhosale, Pratik Diwanji


Encryption-then-Compression (EtC) systems are used to securely transmit images over an untrusted channel provider, and a novel grayscale-based block scrambling image encryption method is developed to improve the security of EtC systems. This approach is intended to make encryption-then-compression (EtC) systems more secure. In comparison to the new encryption technology, the suggested scheme allows for smaller block sizes and a greater number of blocks.Despite the fact that the original image has three colour channels, photos encrypted using the suggested method contain less colour information due to the usage of grayscale images to encrypt the data. These features boost security against threats like jigsaw puzzle solvers and brute-force attacks, among other things. Apart from that, despite the fact that the encrypted photos do not include any colour information, it enables for colour sub-sampling, which can improve the compression speed of the images. In a test, encrypted photographs were posted to and later downloaded from social networking sites, and the findings demonstrated that using advanced compression algorithms, the suggested strategy is successful for ETC systems while still keeping excellent compression performance.

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