Developing Virtual Reality Apps to Enhance Tourism

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Kundan Khandare, Shashikant V. Athawale


In the tourism sector, virtual reality has been used to develop a one-of-a-kind, immersive experiences that give visitors a sense of being there in person. The user is immersed in a three-dimensional experience thanks to virtual reality. Users engage with 3D worlds instead of just seeing a screen in front of them. Virtual reality can be utilized in the travel business to capture tourist places in a distinctive and immersive way. These virtual travel experiences try to replicate the genuine destination as closely as they can. The use of virtual reality (VR) in tourism is currently widespread. People enjoy travelling and learning about new locations, and thanks to virtual reality (VR), they can now learn about and experience a place without actually being there. VR is a fantastic tool with many dimensions and applications. This paper focuses on the implementation of Virtual Reality in the real world through the use of various devices , sensors.

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