Intelligent Alert System for Tribal People

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K. S. Indumathi, G. Vengamunemma, G. Swetha, J. Kavitha


          Using artificial intelligence, this project aims to alert tribal members of wildlife predation and save their lives. 8.6% of the country's population is tribal, and the majority of them live in villages or clans near the forest or in close proximity to trees for the majority of their lives. These people face a variety of challenges, one of which is human-wildlife conflict, which undermines tribal region protection. Conflict between humans and wild animals is when wild animals interact with humans and cause harm to people, animals, resources, and habitats. Crop stealing, livestock predation, an increased risk of livestock diseases, and direct threats to human life are the main forms of human-wildlife conflict in the area. Therefore, active measures will be taken to mitigate these issues and ensure the wildlife's future. As a result, we developed the "Intelligent Alert System" Project. By notifying the wild animal predation before it enters the clan, this ensures the complete safety of humans who live near forests. Through a camera, the system will regularly keep an eye on all the villages in the forests nearby. Any dangerous animal that is found will notify the residents of the village by sending them a message with an image of the animal

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