Follow Me Summarize an Article Using Adaptive Text Summarization API with IBM Cloud

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Sankala Priyanka, Pailolu Gari Sarika, Penugonda, Neelika Talari Indu


The process of creating a condensed version of a text document that retains important information and the overall meaning of the source text is known as text summarization. Automatic test summarization emerges as an important method for quickly and easily locating pertinent information in a large body of text. There are two categories of approaches to text summarization:   abstractive and extractive.   The two approaches to text summarization are thoroughly examined in this paper. The difficulty of reading it in a short amount of time increases with the amount of public content. Additionally, it takes time and effort to comprehend all of this information in a meaningful way. If summaries are available, reading them is an effective method for skimming the text. You can save time by using this application to find a summary of lengthy articles.  The article can be accessed directly via the URL or website, or you can provide your article and receive a summary

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