Autonomous Voice Controlled Robot

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Ch. Sai Divya, D. Likhitha, G. Sumanjali, G. Kavya Renuka


TurtleBot is a low-cost personal robot kit with open-source software that is the focus of this project. Its goal is to implement a variety of autonomous navigation algorithms. You'll be able to build a robot that can drive around your house, see in three dimensions, and have enough power to make exciting applications with TurtleBot. In accordance with the REP 119 specification, the TurtleBot2 is the second generation. The definitions of compatibility for TurtleBot-compatible platforms are outlined in this REP. The TurtleBot is a specific product that is available under the FreeBSD Documentation License and is an Open Hardware Design. This document aims to distinguish between design elements that can be altered without affecting the core design's functionality and critical design elements that are required for compatibility. The purpose of this document is to serve as a blueprint for the creation of new, more affordable robots with more features that can still benefit from the TurtleBot community's development efforts. TurtleBot is a personal robotics kit that combines open-source software and hardware at a low cost. A mobile base, a grid sensor, on-board computation, wireless communication, and expansion space for adding new hardware are the TurtleBot's primary hardware features

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