Design Optimization of Bay Spacing of Steel Foot Over Bridge

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Kausar T. Shaikh, S. S. Kadam


Bridge is a structure that offers passage over limitations/obstacles which includes valleys, tough terrain or river or bodies of water via spanning such obstacles with herbal or manmade substances/material. The smooth kind of a bridge is steppingstones, so this may were one of the premature sorts of a foot bridge. Neolithic people also construct a shape of a boardwalk to the other facet of swamp, of which the sweet track, and the post track are examples from England, which are about 6000 years antique. Doubtless past peoples might also have used Timber Bridge that drop naturally. Different kinds of design foot over bridges consist of timber foot over bridges, steel foot over bridges and concrete foot over bridges. Steel truss is normally used round the world for the development of foot over bridges of different length. steel is a useful material that provides provable solution. Steel has long been diagnosed as the financial/economical option for a number of foot over bridges.

In the present study, design of economical section using different bay spacing is studied. For this purpose, analysis of foot over bridge has been carried out by using staad-pro software. The comparison is made based on weight of structure, utility ratio, Deflection. It is found about 50% weight of the structure is reduced after optimization.

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