The Role of M-Commerce in India

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Naresh Dembla


 In the last decade, there had been rapid growth of wireless technology in India. This growth has changed people to do business in mobile commerce (М-Commerce). Day by day many people are shifting to M-Commerce to attain good and fast transaction into market. M-Commerce become distinguished in Indian people, quickly during last few years. Due to large number of mobile application, growth rate in mobile penetration in India is increasing day by day. The users has intensely increased on mobile phone and consuming bandwidth of internet providers. Although many people have started E-Commerce but still they hesitate to use M-Commerce because of security problems, payment issues and complexity of mobile applications. The ubiquity, reach ability, mobility and flexibility features of M-Commerce have increased the mobile users and mobile internet subscribers in India. M-Commerce is implemented through mobile applications. People are using mobile applications instead of web application for utility bill payment, ticket booking, fund transfer, email and so on. This paper identifies facts about the feasibility of M-Commerce in India today its growth and the Strength and opportunity, weakness and threats lying ahead.

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