Analysis and Design of Building in Different Seismic Zone Using Staad Pro

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M. R. Bhoomika, P. Sucharitha, G. Sunitha


The damage caused by the earthquake affects a significant portion of India. Therefore, when designing a structure, seismic load must be taken into account. The most recent earthquakes have led to the conclusion that earthquakes can affect both built and unbuilt structures. The primary goal of this analysis is to use STAAD Pro to analyze and design a G+6 building in three dimensions for India's various seismic zones. STAAD Pro is used to analyze the entire structure, including the load calculation, in this work. The limit-state design method was used throughout the analysis work. IS 1893:2002 is utilized for seismic detail and analysis. A seven-story, RCC-framed structure known as G+6 is planned. The research paper's primary focus is static analysis of the structure in various seismic zones.

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