Service Quality of Public and Private Sector Banks – A Study in Tirunelveli District

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U. Hemalatha, F. X. Robert Bellarmine


It is impossible to exist without money. It demonstrates the importance of money in  day to day life. For liquidity, profitability and safety some people put aside money from their earnings in banks. Therefore people use banks in order to store and safeguard their money. Banks taking deposits from the general public and returning the money when it is needed plus interest. Therefore it should go without saying that banks keep the money supply in check and contribute significantly to a country’s economic growth. One of the nation’s most vital and significant sectors is the banking industry. It is crucial that the banking sector continue to thrive. This study aims to study the service quality of public and private sector banks in Tirunelveli district. Primary data are collected from the 600 respondents from which 300 respondents are from the public sector banks and 300 respondents are from the private sector banks. The sample size was 600 respondents that they were chosen from each bank equally and proportionately. Convenient sampling method has been used for the study.

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