Design and Control of 3-Phase, 4-Wire, 4-Leg VSC Based D-Statcom Using Synchronous Reference Frame Theory

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S. Sandhya, I. Amruthavani, D. Ashwini, S. Rizwana


Using A Synchronous Reference Frame (Srf)-Based Control Algorithm, This Paper Presents A Three-Phase, Four-Leg, Vsi-Based Ac Shunt D-Statcom Feeding Ac Voltage Controller With A Resistive-Inductive (Rl) Load For Maintaining Upf And Reducing Harmonic Current. When A Non-Linear Load Is Fed By A Three-Phase Source, This Theory Is Used To Calculate The Compensating Current. The Sim-Power System (Sps) Toolbox Is Used In The Matlab Environment To Simulate An Unbalanced Load In Pfc Mode.

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