Designing a Decision Support System using Electronic Health Records for Symptoms Faking Problem at Emergency Clinics

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Rugved V Deolekar, Sunil Wankhade


In today’s fast era, people have no time for taking a good care of their health. People prefer taking painkillers for their routine problems and move ahead. This has resulted in increased use of such medicines. Many of them are taking such medicines for recreational purposes. In the eastern countries, such medicines are available only with valid prescriptions. Hence, these people try to do symptoms faking at the emergency clinic to get the required medicines prescribed from the medical practitioner. It is very difficult for the doctor to verify the authenticity of the symptoms. A


 decision support system for symptoms faking problem is proposed. This proposed system will be a multi-branch system using a concept of Electronic Health Record (EHR). The aim is to explain the overall architecture of the system along with the significance of each branch. The deep learning methodology will be suitable to perform learning of the systems used within the branch. The paper also contains the explanation of the aggregation of the branches to produce a result as symptoms faking alert flag.


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