Ai-Powered Nutrition Analyzer for Fitness Enthusiasts

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C. Shilpa, C. S. Tahaseen Sultana, C. Madhavi, E. Vani Sree


Numerous healthcare conventions have focused on the issue of food, which is necessary for human life. With the advent of new dietary assessment and nutrition analysis tools, more opportunities exist to assist individuals in comprehending their routine eating patterns, examining nutrition patterns, and sustaining a healthy diet. We will use a small number of foods to determine the nutrition content of our daily intakes as part of this nutrition image analysis project. The project's goal is to develop a web application that uses an API to classify food items and determine their nutritional value. The model compares the user's input to the pre-trained model, classifies the food example (such as apple, tomato, etc.), and displays that food item's nutrition content for the interface.

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