Re-Thinking Society and Culture in the Era of Globalization - A Study of Selected Writings of Mahasweta Devi and Arundhati Roy

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K Jayaramudu


This paper presents the writers consciousness of the society in the Era of Globalization specially how the writers try to show India in their works such as Mother of 1084, Bayen, Aajir, Statue were written by Mahasweta Devi and The God of Small Thingswas written by Arundhati Roy these two writers generally trigger the society’s pathethatic situation of the human condition such as in the form of Naxalism, women subjugation, oppression, outcast and patriarchal society, caste, class and gender in which especially how the women characters are shown not only women but also other souls in the novels through them we can easily understand the writers unconsciousness towards the culture of India. Here we can see how the women characters are killed or weaken in their works particularly apolitical mothers of children are made voiceless at the end of the novels (mother of 1084,Bayen,Statue and The God of small things) though they are Women writers and also radical in thinking they cannot escape from the Culture psychologically.

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