Iot Based Home Security System Using Arduino

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Narsaiah Domala, Syed Idris, Shaik Zia Ur Rahman , Md Sarfaraz Hussain


As home security has become an important aspect in life and is necessary to be in every home due to the rising crime rates and robbery that is happening in out day to day life. In this work in progress paper we evaluate an application of home security system using Arduino. This project is based on the implementation in the IOT domain home security system which will allow to make homes secure from anywhere in the world. The main objective of this project is it should be cost effective and at the same time also secure, and this can be achieved by the use of IOT devices and other low cost electronic components and using them in such a way to build a secure home security system. This project was remove some of the limitations in the previous home security system applications. Home security is very useful application of the IOT domain and we will be using it to build a low cost security system that can be affordable by almost everyone.

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