Minimize Seepage Loss Through Canal Slope and Bed by Reducing Permeability of Soil with Lime Admixture

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Shivangi Singh, Rakesh Varma, D. S. Ray


As per IS 10430 (2000): the canal reaches sufficient length having a permeability of  cm/s or less and doesn't need to line when the velocity in the channel does not exceed the permissible rate. Co-efficient of permeability 1  cm/sec is the optimum value above which canal lining is required. Canal lining is a very costly activity. Admixture in embankment soil will decrease the Coefficient of permeability, and as per the code, the lining does not require. Lime is a very cheap, easy, and widely available admixture. Lime also works as a binding material. Experimentally, based on the primary parameter, we may obtain the quantity of lime to reduce permeability which will use to avoid lining in the canal. The sample was collected from three places in the Indira canal and mixed with a 3.60% optimum quantity of lime. A 0.7 cm/sec permeability coefficient has been evaluated below, and canal lining is not required.

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