System State Estimation Using Weighted Least Square Method

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Mohmadishak Sheikh, Chetan Sheth


State estimation is an essential part of every energy control management system. Accurate estimation of state or operating state is essential for security control and monitoring of power systems. Power system state estimation is a procedure to estimate true state from the inexact state of a power system. The conventional state estimator provides estimates of the power system states, i.e., bus voltages and angles which is obtained. State estimation is a computational technique for electrical power system.  It empowers the calculation of the power flows of the electrical power system which are not observed or not directly measured. State estimation is a computer program that detects, isolate and eliminate the incorrect or bad measurement data and estimates the accurate state. The magnitudes of bus voltage and phase angle are the states variables for an electrical power system. This paper outlines Weighted Least Square (WLS) estimation techniques and simulated estimation for standard IEEE systems.

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