Occupational Stress Among Doctors in Government Hospitals at Chennai

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B. Prasila Leelavathy Pappathy, M. Ramesh


Human - service is the unique contribution for the wealth and health dimension of their living system. Due to changes in working system of hospital like mode of working pattern, intervention of technology at work places, level of competition, the career of Doctors occupation needs to contribute relentless service at work places. This working pattern leads to occupational stress among Doctors. The present study of stress of Doctors has been carried out with the objective to manage the outcome of occupational stress among Doctors working in government hospitals. In order to describe the framed objectives, the necessary hypotheses would be tested through selected statistical tools. The hypotheses have been framed and tested in the aspects of significant difference in the opinion of Doctors about their organizational performance and support, reasons for occupational stress, and its influences, impact of stress on personal, psychological and health grounds. The focus of the objective and testing the hypotheses, the necessary data has been obtained through primary and secondary sources. The obtained data from the sample size of 125 is analyzed and computed systematically. The emergence of substitution based medical practices shift the loyalty of patients from one service to multiple services. There is good evidence to show that doctors are at higher risk of stress than the general population.

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