The Effect of Parental Conflict, Domestic Violence and Other Factors on Children Which Leads to Voluntary Placement in Foster Care: A Study on Cathy Glass’s “A Terrible Secret”

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Chaamili Swetha G. T., V. Jaisre


This paper explores the impact of parental conflicts and other factors on children which pave the way for the children to voluntarily place themselves in foster care. Children may be more likely to experience behavioral, social, and academic problems as well as mental health issues when there is frequent, intense, and poorly resolved conflict between the parents. Also, it may have a major impact on a child's long-term outcomes. Conflict between parents hurts teens. Children show sorrow when their parents are fighting. Their reactions include fear, anxiety, irritability, melancholy, and depression, and they are at a greater risk of having negative personality development. Investigating parental conflict and its detrimental effects on teenage personality development was the main goal. This research will be done through the study of Cathy Glass’s “A Terrible secret”. Cathy Glass work is strongly identifying with true life stories and inspirational memoirs genres. In chronological sequence, the prolific novelist Cathy Glass has produced 34 books in all. She frequently examines the difficulties these helpless infants confront and how their foster carers, like Cathy, assist them in overcoming these difficulties in her novels, which are centered on the lives of children in foster care.

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