Quality of Life among the Post - COVID -19 Persons in a Selected Institution, Trichy

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Sarmila A., Suja Sursh, Devi K., Hepzibah Arulmani P., Josephin Dayana M.


Background of the study: The Pandemic of Coronary alignment put a tremendous amount of burden on the Health care system. The exact impact on the overall bodily, mental, and social well-being of COVID-19-infected patients. A maximum of them reported persistent aches, fatigue, and dyspnea these survivors’ great existence may be extraordinarily impacted.

Materials and Methods: This study was conducted to estimate the quality of life among post-COVID-19 persons. Data was collected after collecting demographic variables with the SF36 questionnaire. Analysis of data was done using inferential and statistical methods.

Results: among 30 Post COVID – 19 most of them graduated 27(90%), 29 (97%) were vaccinated, and 22 (73%) were non-hospitalized. The results showed that most of them are a highly satisfied quality of life16(53%), and 14 (47%) were a quality of life satisfied.

Conclusion: the present study concludes that even non hospitalized Post COVID 19 persons’ quality of life is altered so its insisted on the need for healthcare programme regarding post-COVID   

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