Comparative Study of Flat Slab and Conventional Slab in Various Seismic Zones Using E-Tabs

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Sagar N. Kitey, R. S. Tatwawadi


In present era, flat slab buildings are commonly used for the construction as it has many advantages over conventional RC frame building in terms of architectural flexibility, use of space, [ easier formwork and shorter construction time. In the present work a G+12 multistoried building having flat slab with column head and conventional slab has been analyzed using E-TABS software for the parameters like storey displacement, storey drift, storey shear, base shear and time period. The main objective of the present work is to compare the seismic behavior of multistory buildings having conventional RC frame, flat slab with column head and conventional slab in seismic zone II, III, IV, V and to study the effect of height of building on the performance of these types of buildings under seismic forces. Linear dynamic response spectrum analysis was performed on the structure to get the seismic behavior.

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