Analysis of Grouted Splice Sleeve Connection in Precast Column to Column Joint

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R. M. Puranik, R. S. Tatwawadi


In present scenario, Precast construction is replacing RCC structures in most of the locations all over the world. Economical and speedy construction is significance of precast structures. The primary objective of this research is to evaluate the stresses generated throughout the joint section . When the stresses are calculated, the reduction of section size or approach for economical design is possible. Results of stress analysis concerning the axial load in the form of pressure applied on column to column precast structure is assessed using finite element software i.e. ABAQUS. The connection maintained between two precast columns is executed by grouted splice sleeve and acts as a joint. The column has the cross section with both the sides 500mm and with the length of 4150mm. The longitudinal reinforcements bars protruding throughout both columns are 20mm diameter bars. obtain The performance of grouted splice sleeve is observed and stresses d in grout, grout sleeve steel and rebar connection both columns are obtained. The structure is divided in to finite parts and nodes using ABAQUS. The stresses every part of structure under certain pressure can be visible in visualisation at every node or instance of ABAQUS. Comparison of precast columns and a single RCC column is observed. The stresses developed and performance of model is visualised in this study. But the location of maximum stresses developed are seen to be varied in both the cases.

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