Study of Correlation between Period of Vibration and Height of Building for R. C. and Steel Frame Building

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M. M. Ningurkar, R. S. Tatwawadi


Response spectrum analysis is a method to estimate the structural response to short, non deterministic, transient dynamic effect. Example, of such events are earthquakes and shocks. Since exact time history of load is not known, it is difficult to perform time-dependent analysis. Dynamic loads are loads which changes with time fairly quickly in Comparision to structures natural frequency. Response spectrum method is based on special type of mode superposition. The idea is to provide an input that gives a limit to how much an Eigen mode having a certain natural frequency and damping can be excited by an event of this type. The response spectrum is a function of natural frequency of oscillator and of its damping. In this paper we will find out the relations between Height of building and Displacement, Height of building and period of vibrations.

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