Preliminary Assessment on Water Quality of Kolar River with Physico Chemical Analysis

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Hilal Ahmad Bhat, Mushtaq Ahmad Ganie, Wahid Ahmad Hurra, Abhilasha Bhawsar


River water quality is very essential as it is used for drinking and domestic purposes. For the public health safety it is necessary to check the pollution level in the water bodies. The study was conducted to assess the water quality of Kolar River (A right bank tributary of wholly Narmada River). During the present study a number of physiochemical parameters including Temperature, pH, EC, TDS, DO and Chloride, were measured on field, so that the accuracy of the result will be appropriate while as Nitrate and Phosphate were measured in the lab. The water samples were collected in plastic container of 500 ml capacity from eight (8) different selective sampling stations along the Kolar River. The mean value of such respective parameters compared with the water quality standards as set by the WHO and BIS.

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